The First RFID Vet Ultrasonic System in the world

SONO V6 is the latest new and intelligent ultrasound instrument for veterinary application.

This scanner meets the demands of management of controllability and traceability of the whole process of animal foodstuff production so that it becomes an indispensable and effective tool for modern livestock breeding and management.

Main Features

 The ear-tag can be read and write intelligently

 All data of ultrasonic diagnosis can be recorded, 

  analysis and arranged in accordance with the ear-tag

 It is designed in innovation and practical application.

  Anyone can learn it within 1 minute and never forget it.

 There are 15 gears for selection of the image quality. 

 TF card and USB2.0 to ensure the high-speed transferring between scanner and PC.

 Its high integrated design to ensure the machine in stable, reliable and  simple assemble.

 First using color electric user manual in the machine in the world.

Features of RFID Probe

 Built-in RFID technology

 Professional design for 3-level waterproof

Standard Configuration

Main Unit 

6.5MHz RFID/normal Vet linear probe

Rechargeable battery

Rubber Protector

TF card (8GB)

TF card reader

Wrist belt

Neck belt

Ultrasonic gel 

AC- adaptor 

All above will be placed in a metallic box.


3.5MHz Convex Probe

7.5MHz Linear Probe

3.5MHz Micro-convex Probe 

Rechargeable Li-battery

TF card and its reader


3.5MHz/L164 Backfat Linear Probe

4.0MHz Vet Reactal Convex Probe

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